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Leo Okorie, The Fit Life Guy

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Over two decades Leo gained experience from elite training as a professional athlete. This experience has allowed Leo to become a leading plant-based personal trainer and life coach in the Cheshire area.


His personal journey has taught him how to face and overcome challenges. This has enabled him to get the very best out of himself and inspire those around him who wish to see their true potential. Self-improvement in all aspects, physically and mentally, is always the driving force of his life.  



“My approach is simple, I learn, I practise, I teach”

Leo Okorie, The Fit Life Guy


If you have a positive attitude and a dream then you have come to the right place.


Let’s begin your empowering journey.

The Fit Life Guy Podcast

In these podcasts I’ll be giving you a simplistic approach in which I'll be covering all things out there aimed at helping us reach a happier, healthier life.

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Sunset Run
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running up staris
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Female Training


Nothing complicated, just simple and straightforward.

Whether you have clear goals or targets you want to achieve,

all you have to do is get in touch. Tell me which package or combination you are

considering and I'll guide you to the path best for you


Coming soon… 

The most complete
8-week mind and body transformation plan the team has created to date.

This will build a strong foundation to take on any challenge.

Tailored Video Workouts
1 + X Training

Whether it's the last
5 pounds you're struggling
to shift or rehabilitating from an injury, we create
a bespoke fitness program tailored to
your specific needs.

Personal training and life coaching for either 1 to 1 or group sessions.

Working together to achieve a target in mind.

Online Training
Leo in the

Online training
via laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Wherever you are in
the world, whenever
suits your busy schedule.

Would you like Leo to
come into your community, your school, your place
of work and motivate
you on how to adopt
a healthier lifestyle and enjoy life even more? 

If so fill in the contact us section below for more information.

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A single 1 hour session


4 x 30 minute sessions over a 4 week period


8 x 30 minute sessions with 2 session per week


A single Life Coaching Mentoring session.


Philip H. Green

Leo’s a great personal trainer. Listens to what I want and delivers! I feel dead after the sessions, and they’re only 30 mins. Defo noticing a difference to my overall strength and body definition.


I’ve been training with Leo for a little while now. I signed up as was training alone but struggling to make progress. He’s given me a newfound motivation and focus and the online support he offers is great both for nutrition and tracking performance. As a vegetarian his focus on plant based nutrition is also a real plus. Would definitely recommend.

Sarah Pratt

Leo took the time to sit and listen to me talk about my aims/goals/ frustrations etc and then he went on to advise me and point me in the right direction. With a nutrition and training plan.
He has high knowledge of both training and nutrition!
It goes without saying Leo is fantastic I can not recommend him enough, I’m looking forward to seeing my results gained along this fitness journey.

Thanks again for all the support Leo




Manchester, UK

Email: info@thefitlifeguy.com

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